Departmental Bulletin Paper Appropriate Tool Use in Speaking Tasks for Pairs
スピーキング・ペアワークにおける 有効なツール活用

Hywel, EVANS

(82)  , pp.51 - 65 , 2015-10-20 , 都留文科大学
This paper is focused on the need to adapt English language speaking tasks to alreadysuccessful local teaching methods, based on an understanding of the psychology ofculture and the use of appropriate pedagogical tools. A discussion is offered of globalELT's resistance to change, and suggestions are offered, supported by a simpleexperiment to show how improvements can be implemented via appropriate tool use. Itmay well be a mistake to put too much faith in global prescriptions. While we do notyet have all the answers, and much work remains to be done, it may be sensible to lookfor inspiration closer to home.

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