Departmental Bulletin Paper 都留市植物相調査III (シダ編)
The Flora of Tsuru City III (Pteridophyta)

森江, 晃三  ,  櫻井, 八洲彦  ,  MORIE, Kozo  ,  SAKURAI, Yasuhiko

(81)  , pp.197 - 202 , 2015-03-20 , 都留文科大学
 Flora of Pteridophyta of Tsuru city (Yamanashi prefecture) is reported in this paper. In1998 and 1999, “The Flora of Tsuru city” were published by Morie. But these were dealedwith only Spermatophyte. After Morie’s survey, Sakurai had made intensively investigated.The 92 species (including subspecies, varieties and hybrids) through 18 families ofPteridophyte are recorded in this paper. The communities of two species of the endangeredones of Yamanashi prefecture are found and recorded.

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