Departmental Bulletin Paper A Case Study of School-Based Lesson Study at a Japanese Public Elementary School for Foreign Language Activities

上原, 明子  ,  KAMBARU, Akiko

(81)  , pp.187 - 196 , 2015-03-20 , 都留文科大学
 This paper, based on a case study, documents how Japanese teachers in a publicelementary school work collaboratively through lesson study. From this school’s case,three factors stand out as important for a collaborative lesson study. One is that underthe leadership of the chairperson, all teachers had various roles. The second factor isthat all teachers give their own research lesson every year. So they can be involved alot of lesson study. The third factor is that there are many informal voluntary meetings.The last two factors show that lesson study is very much a part of the school’s teacherdevelopment culture. The results of the study suggest that school-based lesson study inJapan is highly structured and collaborative.

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