Departmental Bulletin Paper A cross-generational study of Japanese interview data on attentiveness

福島, 佐江子  ,  FUKUSHIMA, Saeko

(19)  , pp.35 - 58 , 2015-03-19 , 都留文科大学大学院
This study makes a cross-generational comparison between two different generations (theyounger Japanese (YJ) and the older Japanese (OJ)) of Japanese females on the metapragmaticdata elicited through interviews. More specifically, a cross-generational comparison is madeon how two groups of the participants answered the interview questions on attentiveness andits related concepts, namely, anticipatory inference and empathy. The results show that somecross-generational differences emerged in the way the participants answered the questions in theinterview, namely, in giving the examples of anticipatory inference and empathy and stating thereasons why attentiveness was important. OJ used many more turns than YJ. Co-constructionsand overlaps were found only in OJ’s interview data. Identity of the interviewer was relationalin the interviews with OJ, namely, the interviewer was not only an elicitor, but she wassometimes a participant of the interviews. It could be said that politeness1 was interactionallyachieved in OJ’s interview data through co-constructions.

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