Departmental Bulletin Paper 3幕3場のさかしまな結婚の場面と4幕2場のDesdemonaがIagoに嘆願する場面の類似性からOthelloを読み解く
Reading Othello as a Tragedy Caused by the Mixture of Othello’s Innate Jealousy and Nobility

村上, 世津子  ,  Murakami, Setsuko

22pp.75 - 93 , 2018-03 , 新潟工科大学
Tragedy of Othello is generally thought to be caused by his choice of Iago instead of Desdemona in the temptation scene in Act 3 scene 3. Critics say vows Othello and Iago take remind the readers of marriage vows. They say, when Othello appoints Iago to be his lieutenant, he supersedes not only Cassio but also Desdemona. However, when I read Othello, I noticed the resemblance between this scene and the scene in Act 4 scene 2 in which Desdemona asks Iago to help her reconcile with Othello. This resemblance challenges the view that Othello’s tragedy is caused by his choice of Iago in the temptation scene. This paper discusses how the tragedy of Othello is caused by the mixture of his innate jealousy and nobility instead of his choice of Iago in Act 3 scene 3.

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