Departmental Bulletin Paper Romeo and Julietにおける遅延 : Julietの責任
Delay in Romeo and Juliet : Juliet’s responsibility for the Tragic Ending

村上, 世津子  ,  Murakami, Setsuko

20pp.179 - 195 , 2016-03 , 新潟工科大学
Though Romeo and Juliet is generally regarded as a tragedy of destiny rather than characters, many critics discuss the relationships between the lovers’ characters and their tragic deaths. For example, Dickey attributes Romeo’s “headlong fury and blind despair” to the tragic ending. R. S. White and others think that Romeo’s killing of Tybalt triggers the tragic action. Unlike the view of Romeo, however, few critics discuss the relationships between Juliet’s character and the tragic ending. Because it is Juliet who proposes marriage, drinks magic potion which causes apparent death, and dies by stabbing herself instead of drinking poison, she has often been regarded as more courageous and active than Romeo. But is she really courageous and active? This paper discusses the Juliet’s responsibility for the tragic ending.

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