Departmental Bulletin Paper F.W.パーカーの地理学習論 : その「基礎論」の探究
F.W. Parker's Theory of Geography Learning : Research of the "basics theory"

高田, 喜久司  ,  Takada, Kikuji

20pp.57 - 73 , 2016-03 , 新潟工科大学
The main purpose of this article is to research F.W. Parker's "basic theory" of geography learning. My conclusions are as follows ; First, in Parker, the science of geography is the real inception, the true beginning of the study of all natural sciences. The geography had a character integrating natural science and humanities, as a mother of sciences.Therefore geography is defined as "the earth's surface" and "its habitant" by a wide sense.Second, the geography presents knowledge of life. The knowledge of life comprehends all knowledge, and therefore the study of life comprehends all studies. Educational value of geography learning is at this point.Third, the purpose of geography learning is to develop mental power and thought power.An approach of activism was taken to realize this purpose. This approach is Pestalozzian-Ritter method.Fourth,in Parker, introduction of the geography subject was a central subject to unify subjects. This idea is a pioneer of the current "Sougo gakushu"

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