Departmental Bulletin Paper 2 変数の周期関数に関するある性質についてII
On a feature for some periodic function of two variables II

竹野, 茂治  ,  Takeno, Shigeharu

20pp.15 - 22 , 2016-03 , 新潟工科大学
In the last report, we introduced a conjecture about when the period forx of the composed function F(ϕ(x + y),ϕ(x - y)) coincides with the one for y,where F(u, v) is continuous and ϕ is a periodic continuous function,and showed some counterexamples in case of complex valued function, or discontinuous function, and one small result for period 0.In this article weextend the conjecture and show results for it under some conditions.

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