Departmental Bulletin Paper ファジィ測度とファジィ積分を用いた回転機器の故障診断
Appling Fuzzy Measure and lntegral to Diagnose Faults in Rotating Machinery

角山, 正博  ,  堀, 隼人  ,  神野, 洋一  ,  小川, 昌幸  ,  佐藤, 達雄  ,  Tsunoyama, Masahiro  ,  Hori, Hayato  ,  Jinno, Hirokazu  ,  Ogawa, Masayuki  ,  Sato, Tatsuo

20pp.1 - 8 , 2016-03 , 新潟工科大学
This paper proposes a system for diagnosing faults in rotating machinery utilizing fuzzy measure and integral. The membership functions and fuzzy measure are composed based on the syndrome matrix made by skilled engineers. The possibility of faults are determined by the fuzzy integral using the membership degree and fuzzy measure for spectra. The paper also evaluates the method using an example of fault diagnosis of backlash fault.

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