Departmental Bulletin Paper Unemployment and Wage Rigidity in Japan: A DSGE Model Perspective

Kuo, Chun-Hung  ,  Miyamoto, Hiroaki  ,  宮本, 弘暁

EMS-2016-06pp.1 - 34 , 2016-05 , IUJ Research Institute, International University of Japan
This paper develops a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model with labor market frictions and nominal wage rigidity. We estimate our model for Japan's economy using Bayesian methods. This allows us to estimate the structural parameters of the Japanese economy, the unobservable shocks and examine their transmission mechanism. We can also study how wage rigidity affects overall model performance. Our analysis demonstrates the importance of including nominal wage rigidity in explaining the Japanese data. We find that while nominal wage rigidity plays only a trivial role in inflation dynamics, it is crucial in determining the response of labor market variables to structural shocks.

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