Departmental Bulletin Paper Has Information Technology Competence Ever Increased? Evidences from the Annual User Satisfaction Survey of Information Technology Services

Park, Hun Myoung

EMS-2015-03pp.1 - 38 , 2015-07 , IUJ Research Institute, International University of Japan
This study challenges a common myth on information technology competence and examins whether information technology competence has increased as the technology develops. An analytic framework considers if an inforation technology service is technologically sophisticated and if it is developed for general purpose for allusers. The annual user satisfaction survey data from 1998 through 2014 are analyzed to present historical patterns of use of information technology services, satisfaction, and unawareness. A surprising finding is that informaiton technology competence has been stable and rarely increased or decreased rapidly. The usage rate of information technology service, satisfaction, and unawreness are also relatively stable and consistent as a whole. Finally, usage and satisfaction of information technology services are not always positively related. This research suggests that the prevailing thought on information technolgoy competence is questionable and even misleading and calls for further research on this conclusion.

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