Departmental Bulletin Paper Gender salary and promotion gaps in Japanese academia: Results from science and engineering

Takahashi, Ana Maria  ,  Takahashi, Shingo  ,  Maloney, Thomas  ,  高橋, 新吾

EMS-2015-02pp.1 - 50 , 2015-05 , IUJ Research Institute, International University of Japan
Using original survey data on Japanese academics in science and engineering,we examined the gender salary and promotion gaps. We found a 6% gendersalary gap after controlling for ranks. This gap was unaffected when qualityand quantity of publications were controlled for. In contrast, promotion gapdisappeared when publication variables were controlled for. We failed to findnegative effects of marriage and children on women's salary and promotion,though a positive sorting into motherhood could conceal such negative effects,and we provided suggestive evidence for this. Men and women are equally likelyto move to other universities voluntarily, and the salary premiums from thesejob changes are the same for both genders, suggesting that outside job offersare not responsible for the gender salary gap. Finally, there are substantialgender differences in academic labor market dropout rates, which could lead tounderestimation of the gender salary and promotion gaps.

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