Departmental Bulletin Paper Dynamic Capabilities in the Persence of a Strategic Paradox

Wakayama, Toshiro  ,  LaPierre, Karen  ,  若山, 俊弘

EMS-2015-01pp.1 - 31 , 2015-05 , IUJ Research Institute, International University of Japan
Prior research in dynamic capabilities has seldom addressed the question of how they operate over time in the presence of conflicting objectives of a strategic paradox, particularly beyond the exploration-exploitation contention. In the context of aggregationadaptation paradox, we have collected and analyzed a large number of specific activities and changes in the resource base through an in-depth case study based on 46 interviews and other data sources. Our findings reveal new conceptual insights on the process side of dynamic capabilities: coevolutionary interplay between pro-aggregation and proadaptation changes in the resource base, paradox-enacting dynamic capabilities at the level of discrete activities with differing blends of aggregation and adaptation, and organizational constructs for paradox-enacting dynamic capabilities which are in stark contrast to known forms of organizational ambidexterity.

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