Departmental Bulletin Paper インタビューによる読解表象の把握の試み─読解方略は読者によってどのように用いられたか─

舛田, 弘子

(103)  , pp.29 - 45 , 2018-02-01 , 札幌学院大学総合研究所 = Research Institute of Sapporo Gakuin University
 This article aims to clarify how readers construct the reading representations on explanatory text. It is intended to understand the reading processes in which the inadequate reading, including value-biased reading occur by using the reading and interview session. The participants(Ps)are 3rd year students in university; Repeatedly, Ps are asked to read the text at first by themselves(reading session), then to answer some questions on the text immediately after the reading session (interview session). Their utterances in the interview session are analyzed. Results are as follows;1) though the parts of “significan(t to understand this text)” and of “generated(from this text)” are likely to be utilized to construct reading representations of the parts of the text, the part of “non-significant but impressive”, “the logical operation”, and “the guessing” are likely to be utilized for the reading representations of whole text. 2)On the whole, neither the top-down strategy nor the bottom-up strategy is not utilized appropriately by Ps. To develop instruction for these difficulties from the views of educational psychology is needed.

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