Departmental Bulletin Paper 教育心理学(半期)の授業効果 : 授業開始時と終了時の重要概念に関する知識の変化

臼井, 博

In this article,we studied the effects of teaching educational psychology courses on the students’subjective awareness of knowing the important technical words and figures which were to be taught in two courses during one semester. At the first class period, we measured the fundamental knowledge about educational psychology in terms of each of eleven key concepts and pilar psychologists, and we administered the same inquiry at the 14th class out of fifteen classes. By comparing the degree of knowledge between the two time period,we found that all of the fundamental knowledge were significantly improved, Therefore, the effects of teaching were confirmed in the sense that the students’feeling of knowing the facts had significantly improved during three months. And, the degree of knowing the fundamental concepts and figures in educational psychology correlated the scores of the term-end test of educational psychology. Still,the number of reporting the comments and questions in the class also positively correlated the test scores. However, grit scores did not relate with the test scores, but the students who had taken examination had higher scores on grit than the students who had quitted this opportunity.

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