Departmental Bulletin Paper 初年次学生の相互作用の促進を目指した授業の試み : 詩「変化」を題材に

舛田, 弘子

The classwork was conducted to facilitate the first grade students on the appropriate interaction with the classmates and to enhance them the interest and motivation for the study in university. The classwork used a poem as text, and was constructed of three educational goals;(1) to comprehend the logical structure of the text appropriately,(2) to discuss with other classmates, and(3) to make appropriate presentation for the class. 16 first year students attended the activities-(1) of reading the divided poem cards by themselves and sorting them in time order,(2) of discussing with the other classmates in the small group to decide the best sorts of the poem,(3) of presenting their own arrangement to the class and listening to the presentation of the other groups, and 4) of writing their opinion on the classwork. The results were as follows; On the goal(1), it was understood by the students that the variation of the words used in the poem reflects the change of the imprecation of the poem, and that both of them are the key for sorting the poem cards. On the goal(2), students had positive opinion on having discussion with other classmates. And on the goal(3), it was suggested that students tried to make persuasive explanation how they decided the order of the poem cards. It was concluded that the educational goals were almost achieved, and that students had positive opinion on the classwork itself. Some problems were observed, however, in making decision through the group discussion. Further imprecation was discussed.

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