Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校から中学校への学校間移行の学校適応と学習動機に対する影響 (6) : 小中学校の学級の目標構造の安定性と翌年の学業動機や学校適応感に対する影響

臼井, 博

We studied the stability and change of goal structures of elementary schools (24 classrooms) and junior high schools (12 class rooms) by investigating the longitudinal data in two periods (T2: first semester and T3: third semester). By deviding the median of the mean score of the goal structures of each class, then, analyzed 2 (period)×2 (types of goal structures). The percentage of unchanged vs. changed were 58.8% among classrooms in elementary schools and 100% among the junior high school classrooms. We also investigated the carry-over effects of goal structures in T3 on the academic motivation and school adjustment in the next year(T4). The students belonging to the classrooms with higher goal structures in mastery goal orientation showed more adaptive learning patterns in comparing with the lower students. And the effects patterns of the performance goal structures were quite similar to the mastery goal. That is to say, the students in the classrooms characterized as lower performance goal structure were more resilient and studied longer time than the students in higher groups. However, these influences of the goal structures were small or negligeable among junior high school students.

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