Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校から中学校への学校間移行の学校適応と学習動機に対する影響 (5) : 小学校3年時の学習動機,親子の活動共有,学校適応感から6年時の学業やレジリエンスの予測 : 縦断的研究

臼井, 博

We tried to clarify how academic motivation, school adjustment, and parent-child co-activities at third grade predicted study time at home, academic achievement, and resilience variables at sixth grage. We also made analyses of time-to-time changes on variables such as academic achievement, study time, and school adjustment, which contained all data through Time-1 to Time-5. Results showed that mastery oriented motivation positively influenced on positive feelings of main school subjects and autonomous motivation. And high frequency of parent-child co-activities predicted satisfaction of school life, longer study time, and positive feelings of main subjects. The feeling of being accepted by the classmates contributed to the resilience positively.

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