Departmental Bulletin Paper 竹富島におけるツーリズムの展開と新来住者たちの移住物語 (その2) : 「観光化する島」・竹富島の一員となることの意味を考える

内田, 司

A lot of social problems have arisen from unequal and unbalanced regional development under the globalization of modern capitalism. The problem that a lot of communities and local societies have been declining and facing the crisis of disappearing by depopulation is one of those problems. One of important tasks of sociological area studies is to make fundamental policies for settling the problem. I have researched such kinds of communities and local societies specially in Hokkaido,Tohoku and Okinawa areas for many years. I have also found that a lot of newcomers from big cities had lived in such communities and local societies and that they had played a large number of important roles to develop and strengthen their communities and local societies against the declining and disorganizing tendencies of their communities and local societies. Why have they moved into such declining and disorganizing communities and local societies from big cities? Why have they been able to contribute to the developing and strengthening works? What kinds of social interactions have been there between the newcomers and old residents in the works? I intend to answer such questions in a series of articles. In this article I intend mainly to examine the stories of 3 newcomers in Taketomi Island.

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