Departmental Bulletin Paper 火成岩のマグマ生成における化学的多様性の形成について

小出, 良幸

The igneous rocks change chemically with time. They have the importance in formation of chemical variations compared with the other origin of a rocks. In this paper, the factors in their chemical diversity were considered from the solid (mantle or source materials) to formation of a magma. The elementary processes in the magma generation are divided into source materials and melting. In the processes of source materials, a little chemical differentiation generates mantle end-members with time effect. The mantle end-members were expanding chemical diversity by mechanical mixing with mantle convection. In the processes of melting process, the condition of a magma generation depending on rising temperature, falling pressure or adding components is achieved in solid material. The chemistries of magma diverse by factors; equilibrium melting or differentiation melting, eutectic system or solid solution system, a degree of melting. The mechanism which produces chemical diversity by the simple regularity is included in magma formation.

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