Departmental Bulletin Paper Investigating the Impact of Japanese Labour Laws on Limited Term Contracts for Foreign Language Teachers at Japanese Universities

SATO, K.J. M.  ,  COTTER, Matthew  ,  SKELTON, Wayne  ,  SCHINCKEL, Peter

Limited-term contracts for foreign language teachers are commonly used in full-time, long-term positions at Japanese higher educational institutions. This paper shows how labour laws allow this cycle to continue, while direct and indirect financial and academic costs to the institution, students, teachers themselves and also Japanese society in general remain unacknowledged. This paper proposes investigating the impacts of limited-term contracts, using qualitative methods to collect data through semi-structured interviews from foreign language teachers who are on, have been on, or are tenured but who work with, or have worked with, teachers on limited-term contracts. It is hoped that the findings of this proposed study will help gain insight into what can be done to improve the current situation for all involved.
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