Departmental Bulletin Paper ネット社会における安全と安心 : 情報セキュリティ論からITリスク学へ

佐々木, 良一

24 ( 1-2 )  , pp.1 - 14 , 2015-03-30 , 札幌学院大学総合研究所
With increase of the dependency of society on IT systems, it is becoming difficult to solve safety issues of IT systems based on the conventional information security approach. Therefore, we proposed the concept of“IT risks science”and continued the studies to solve comprehensive safety issues caused by not only the injustice but also a natural disaster, failure of hardware and human error, and having the effect not only to information treated by IT systems but also IT systems itself and services treated by IT systems. This paper explains the necessary background of measurers against IT risk, and then shows analytical results of the IT risk characteristics compared with other risks. Next, the author makes the definition of IT risks science clear, clarifies the elemental technologies to constitute IT risks science,and introduces the recent trend of the IT risks science
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