Departmental Bulletin Paper 短歌音韻則の実証的研究 : 万葉集から新続古今集迄の37875首を対象とした解析

早田, 和弥

Phonological patterns of tankas in Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves (composed of 4183 poems)as well as in Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry to New More Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry (composed of 33692 poems) are analyzed statistically, where the sum of the poems amounts to 37875. The main purpose of this study is,in comparison with previous results on haikus, to explore the possibility of a phonological rule inherent in tankas. Indeed,a large-scale statistical analysis has demonstrated the rule in common with that of haikus. Namely,it has been verified that the phenomenon of avoided rhyming occurs between feet of any lines. For the initial vowels on lines,however,one has obtained the results different from those of haikus. Although for haikus there was no significant correlation among vowels on the beginnings of lines,for tankas the avoidance of the identical sounds has been seen even there as well. The present results might remind readers of sarikirai or kiraimono,both of which were imposed as a forbidden rule in rengas, as well as of the avoidance law of inharmonic sounds in the context of the traditional French poetry.

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