Departmental Bulletin Paper ビスラマ語とツツバ語における意味の場と語彙借用:時に関する体系の比較と考察
A Comparison of time in Bislama and Tutuba:Semantic fields and lexical borrowing

内藤, 真帆

66 ( 1 )  , pp.157 - 176 , 20150930
In the Republic of Vanuatu, there are more than 100 languages, and most ni-Vanuatu people speak one of them in addition to Bislama, which is the national, common language for the speakers of the different languages.
After introducing the structure of simple sentences and noun phrases, I show how the semantic fields of time in Bislama and Tutuba, one of the other languages, are different. Additionally, I show how Tutuba speakers incorporate the Bislama semantic field when they speak Tutuba with other Tutuba speakers. Finally, the reasons and background behind this, from the viewpoint of cultural reception and lexical borrowing, are discussed.

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