Departmental Bulletin Paper ルワンダ宮廷の火の儀礼
The Ritual of the Royal Fire in Rwanda

宇野, 公一郎(1950-)

66 ( 1 )  , pp.73 - 101 , 20150930
This paper is the study on the regeneration ritual of the Kingdom of Rwanda performed once in four generations by a king whose regnal name was Yuhi. I have translated and annotated “Way of the Fire (Inzira y ‘umuriro)”, from the esoteric royal ritual code (ubwiru), in which the ritual of the royal fire is prescribed. This ritual was based on the creation of the Rwandan kingdom by the mythical ancestor Kigwa (or his descendant Gihanga). The Yuhi enacted the creation myth by making a icyansi pot, which symbolized the Rwanda, in the new large intango pot in the Capital of the Fire and the fire thus produced and conserved in the intango pot ensured the peace and prosperity of the kingdom for the next four generations.
本稿はルワンダの王朝秘典から「火の道(Inzira y ‘umuriro)」に訳・注を付け、ルワンダ王国において四世代に一度Yuhi王が行った「火の儀礼」を分析した。この儀礼は王国の起源神話にもとづいた王権の更新儀礼であって、Yuhi王は、始祖の行ったルワンダ王国の創建を、火の都の王宮のintango大壺の中でicyansi壺を焼くことで再現し、国を産む窯の火が四世代に亙って王国の健康を保証した。

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