Departmental Bulletin Paper 失読症の研究:英語圏と非英語圏の諸言語にみる表層性失読
A Study of Dyslexia:Acquired Surface Dyslexia in Languages of English-speaking World and Non-English-speaking World

奈須野, ひかり

24pp.82 - 103 , 20160301 , 東京女子大学言語文化研究会
Dyslexia is a speech defect in reading. It occurs as difficulty in reading words and sentences aloud with accuracy, and the symptoms include a deficit of reading comprehension. Acquired dyslexia is classified into surface dyslexia, deep dyslexia, and phonological dyslexia. Most researchers explain the characteristic symptoms that each type of acquired dyslexia has, based on the dual-route model of the reading process. The dual-route model of reading assumes that readers use two strategies to read words: lexical route and non-lexical route.
This study is based on the dual-route model, and investigates the specific symptoms of acquired surface dyslexia in languages of the English-speaking world and non-English-speaking world. The purpose of this report is to reveal the relationship between the characteristic of each language and acquired surface dyslexia symptoms. The languages of this survey are English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, and Spanish, from which I could obtain a case report.
As a result of the analysis, through the comparison of documents and case reports about acquired surface dyslexia in the five languages, two main conclusions are obtained. First, the difference of transparency and the kind of writing system of each language causes differences in the mechanisms of reading and appearances of symptoms of acquired surface dyslexia. Second, in regard to the languages without the custom of writing vowel sound information, the new model of the reading process is necessary because the classification of the dyslexia pattern based on the dual-route model was not appropriate. Through this report it was found that language properties affect the outbreak mechanism of dyslexia symptom; and some insight into the complex mechanisms of reading in various languages was obtained.

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