Departmental Bulletin Paper 三重県における多文化共生への取り組み
The Measures for Multicultural Symbiosis in Mie Prefecture

谷口, 理絵

24pp.51 - 66 , 20160301 , 東京女子大学言語文化研究会
The phrase “Multicultural symbiosis” came to be used around 1990 owing to the increasing number of foreign workers in Japan. In this thesis, I focused on Mie Prefecture and examined the actual situation of foreign residents and what measures were taken for them. The reason why I focused on Mie Prefecture is that it has the third largest percentage of foreign residents(2.3%) in Japan. In Mie Prefecture, there are some governmental and nongovernmental measures for foreign residents.
I especially focused on children who have international backgrounds: specifically, a child of mixed parentage and a Japanese-Brazilian. I visited Sasagawa housing complex in Mie Prefecture to understand the actual situation there. I made a study by doing observation of children who live in this housing complex. I investigated children at “Sasagawa Children Class”, a free study support class. Most of the children who go to this class are not good at Japanese. It is managed by “Multicultural Symbiosis Center” in Sasagawa housing complex.
I found that there are a lot of children who are confronted with ploblems of language and they feel worried about their own identity. In this thesis, I analyzed children’s expression. For instance, there were also children who had a negative feeling about their mothers’ language because they are not able to communicate with their mothers easily. However, I consider that there are fewer children who are worried about their own identity than in other areas of Japan because children who are non-Japanese are not the minority in Sasagawa housing complex.

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