Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学新入生における寮生活が入学後の適応感に与える影響の縦断的検討 : 調整要因としての感情制御能力
The Longitudinal Effects of Dormitory Life on Subjective Adjustment of First Year Undergraduate Students : Emotion Regulation as A Moderator

武部, 匡也  ,  佐藤, 寛

9pp.67 - 73 , 2018-03 , 関西大学大学院心理学研究科
This study investigated the relationship between emotion regulation, dormitory life, and subjective adjustment of the first year undergraduate students from the viewpoint of person-environment fit. Participants were 17 dormitory students and 50 students who did not live in the dormitory. We carried out the investigation twice, that is, one month and three months after the student enrollment. Results suggested that reappraisal (reinterpretation of the event generating emotion) and suppression (inhibition of emotion expression) were the key factors responsible for increasing the subjective adjustment of dormitory student. It may be important for the first year undergraduate students to assess and improve emotion regulation skills to better adjust to dormitory life.

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