Departmental Bulletin Paper 定時制高校に対する地域臨床的支援の試み(その8)
Community Clinical Psychological Support of an Evening High School (VIII)

内藤, みなみ  ,  廣瀨, 眞波  ,  坂﨑, 理史  ,  坂田, 美幸  ,  船越, 梨乃  ,  結城, 晟亜  ,  中田, 行重

8pp.41 - 48 , 2018-03-16 , 関西大学大学院心理学研究科心理臨床学専攻
It has been 8 years since a team of graduate students began offering psychological support to an evening high school. This year, we continued to enhance support activities based on "the revised support model (circulation type)" from the previous year, by moving throughout the school, supporting students during class, producing a group work project, sharing students' information with the teachers through shared files, and making our activities known through a newsletter and personal communications. By changing our support activities from twice a week, to one to three times a week this year, we were able to increase our contact with students who tend to be absent from school. Consequently, awareness of our activities among students increased from the previous year. Despite this increase, our activities do not seem to have been sufficiently integrated into the school system, even after 8 years. Specifically, there are difficulties in matching the activities of our support model with the teachers' requests. It is discussed that, for the benefit of the students, we should have more opportunities to interact with teachers.

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