Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生における適応感と内的作業モデルおよびタイプA行動特性の関連性
The Effects of Internal Working Models and the Type A Behavior Patterns on Adjustment in University Students

森岡, 茜  ,  鹿田, 優美  ,  香川, 香

8pp.21 - 29 , 2018-03-16 , 関西大学大学院心理学研究科心理臨床学専攻
This study aimed to clarify the relationships between young university students' adjustment, internal working models, and type A behavior patterns. A questionnaire survey was completed by 243 university students. The results indicated that university students with steady human relationships adjusted to the university’s environment, and those who felt insecure about others or avoided human relationships were uncomfortable and had a sense of inferiority. According to previous research, type A behavior patterns consist of "aggression hostility (AH)," "hard driving-time urgency (HT)" and "speed-power (SP)." In our study, it was revealed that type A behavior patterns were not always a factor in inadaptability. Students who had moderate HT and SP adjusted to university life.

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