Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生におけるストレスの肯定的認知と精神的健康の関連
The relation between positive recognition of stress and mental health in university students

樋山, 雅美  ,  林田, 真理砂  ,  東谷, 真帆  ,  廣瀬, 眞波  ,  香川, 香

8pp.11 - 19 , 2018-03-16 , 関西大学大学院心理学研究科心理臨床学専攻
University students are surrounded by many kinds of stressors in their daily lives. Studies have recently shown that students' stress recognition methods affect their stress responses. We developed a scale targeting 156 university students to find how they recognize stress. This study focused on positive recognition to clarify the connection between stress responses, coping, and knowledge of stress. The results show that people who recognize stress positively have fewer mental responses than those who do not, and that they usually use emotion-focused coping strategies. They also have a wealth of knowledge about stress, and had more opportunities for stress education in school. In other words, these results suggest the possibility that stress recognition improves mental health states, and that learning about stress in educational institutions gradually helps students recognize stress positively.

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