Departmental Bulletin Paper 夢PCAGIPにおける夢の意味の創造性 : ホラーから友情物語に姿をかえた夢
The creativity of the meaning of the dream in PCAGIP Dreamwork : How a horror nightmare turned into a friendship dream

後山, 未来  ,  永田, 雅樹  ,  金井, 孝俊  ,  垣, 亜紗妃  ,  甲山, めぐみ  ,  水村, 明音  ,  吉川, 真央  ,  池見, 陽

8pp.1 - 10 , 2018-03-16 , 関西大学大学院心理学研究科心理臨床学専攻
In this study of the PCAGIP Dreamwork process, the dreamer identified instances where the experiencing of the dream was carried forward. The interaction and generation of meaning in these instances were examined and discussed. PCAGIP Dreamwork was conducted with eight members using a participant-observer methodology, where the subject of the study was also the researcher. As a result of the PCAGIP Dreamwork process, 13 instances were identified where dream experiencing was carried forward. The authors specified 6 patterns of interaction between the dreamer and the group member who was interacting at the moment when each of these 13 instances were observed. Furthermore, 4 observations were derived from the 6 patterns; these include refining the dream, extending and reconstituting the dream, the change in the dream context as a result of re-experiencing and crossing, and creation of the dream's meaning by crossing the dream and reality.

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