Journal Article Applying the bundle-move connection approach to the development of an online writing support tool for research articles

MIZUMOTO, Atsushi  ,  HAMATANI, Sawako  ,  IMAO, Yasuhiro

67 ( 4 )  , pp.885 - 921 , 2017-12 , Wiley
The study was funded by the 2015-2016 Kansai University Outlay for Establishing Research Centers and JSPS KAKENHI Grant Numbers 17H02369 and 15K02717.
With advances in information and computer technology, genre-based writing pedagogy has developed greatly in recent years. In order to further this growth in technology-enhanced genre writing pedagogy, the current study developed a data-driven and theory-based practical writing support tool for research articles (RAs). This web-based, innovative tool, powered by the combination of rhetorical moves and lexical bundles, has an auto-complete feature that suggests the most frequent lexical bundles in a move within an RA section. It was developed based on the proof-of-concept of the bundle-move connection approach. Preliminary user feedback was positive was overall, and it was found that the writing support tool brought about beneficial effects that genre writing pedagogy explicitly aims to achieve. In light of these findings, the pedagogical implications of the developed tool are discussed, with particular focus on the potential role that it could play in the teaching and learning of technology-enhanced genre writing.

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