Journal Article Novel Addressable Test Structure for Detecting Soft Failure of Resistive Elements when Developing Manufacturing Procedures

SATO, Shingo  ,  OMURA, Yasuhisa

31 ( 1 )  , pp.124 - 129 , 2018-02 , IEEE
This is postprint of a paper accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. Semiconductor Manufacturing.
This work was financially supported by the Kansai University Fund for Supporting Young Scholars, "The development of the novel test structure for detecting the failures of the resistive element in semiconductor device manufacturing", 2016.
A novel addressable test structure for detecting soft failures of resistive elements is proposed. Its architecture is much simpler than that of previous works, but all functions needed to analyze the electrical properties of detected failures, for example, the aging test with overcurrent, can be realized within the architecture. This makes it more powerful than previous designs. Since the addressable test structure proposed here also has a smaller footprint, it can realize cost effective evaluations.

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