Journal Article A Pseudorandom-Function Mode Based on Lesamnta-LW and the MDP Domain Extension and Its Applications

HIROSE, Shoichi  ,  KUWAKADO, Hidenori  ,  YOSHIDA, Hirotaka

E101-A ( 1 )  , pp.110 - 118 , 2018-01 , Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
This work was supported in part by JSPS KAKENHI GrantNumber JP16H02828.
IEICE Transactions Online TOP (
This paper discusses a mode for pseudorandom functions (PRFs) based on the hashing mode of Lesamnta-LW and the domain extension called Merkle-Damgård with permutation (MDP). The hashing mode of Lesamnta-LW is a plain Merkle-Damgård iteration of a block cipher with its key size half of its block size. First, a PRF mode is presented which produces multiple independent PRFs with multiple permutations and initialization vectors if the underlying block cipher is a PRP. Then, two applications of the PRF mode are presented. One is a PRF with minimum padding. Here, padding is said to be minimum if the produced message blocks do not include message blocks only with the padded sequence for any non-empty input message. The other is a vector-input PRF using the PRFs with minimum padding.

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