Departmental Bulletin Paper 絵画鑑賞の社会・心理学的要因に関する計量的検討
A Quantitative Study on Social and Psychological Factors of Painting Appreciation

林, 直保子  ,  与謝野, 有紀

49 ( 1 )  , pp.63 - 85 , 2017-10-31 , 関西大学社会学部
On the number of museums, contemporary Japan holds a representative position in the world. However, when we focused on art museums solely, the situation is completely different. The number of art museums visitors have declined drastically for recent years. As a result, it is suspected that the arts wouldn't play the expected role on nationwide accumulation of social capital. This study tried to elucidate factors there being behind longitudinal change of the visitors. For this purpose, we conducted a survey research through internet, and 800 people responded the survey. The respondents were previously screened before responding, on the standard of whether they had experiences of art appreciation in museum last five years. The questionnaire involved several questions on general behavioral patterns in appreciation of paintings in a museum, impressions on a certain exhibition of a famous painter and communication patter with family members or friends after appreciating a certain exhibition. Using exploratory and confirmative factor analysis, we calculated factor scores on the general attitude, impression and communication patterns around appreciation of paintings and estimated effects of sex and age on these scores. On the base of these analyses, we built the structural equation model involving all of the scores referred above. Results of the analysis pointed out that appreciation of paintings was motivated by wants of communicating with others and, in an occasion, would be motivated by desire for conspicuous consumption.

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