Departmental Bulletin Paper YG 性格検査の12尺度の内部構造 : カテゴリー因子分析のBifactor Geomin 回転
The Internal Structure of the YG Personality Inventory Scales: Categorical Factor Analysis with Bifactor Geomin Rotation

清水, 和秋  ,  山本, 理恵

49 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 31 , 2017-10-31 , 関西大学社会学部
Traditionally the scales of psychological constructs have been developed using exploratory factor analysis with the factor rotation method for simple structure named Varimax or Promax. In this research, we conducted the investigation of the bifactor structure and rotation for scale development postulated for a single dimension. Using Mplus the internal structures of the twelve subscales of the YG Personality Inventory were independently estimated by following three methods; Maximum Likelihood, Weighted Least Squares, and Weighted Least Square Mean and Variance adjusted. Comparing the estimates among different numbers of factors with Bifactor Geomin orthogonal rotation, implications of the methodology for scale development were discussed.
伝統的に心理学的構成概念の尺度は、VarimaxまたはPromaxという単純構造への因子回転法による探索的因子分析を用いて開発されてきた。この研究では、一次元と仮定された尺度開発のためbifactor構造と回転に検討を加えた。Mplusを使用して、YG性格検査12の尺度の内部構造を三種類の方法(Maximum Likelihood, Weighted Least Squares, そしてWeighted Least Square Mean and Variance adjusted)で推定した。異なる数の因子についての直交Bifactor-Geomin 回転の推定値を比較しながら、尺度開発の方法論の意義について議論した。

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