Departmental Bulletin Paper 若者による災害初期における遠隔地支援に関する一考察 : 2016年熊本地震におけるSNSを活用した情報支援事例より
Study on the Youth Project to Support from Remote Place in the Early Stage of the Disaster : Case Study of Information Support Using SNS at the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016

武田, 彩  ,  山本, 大夢  ,  葛原, 直樹  ,  矢野, 誠也  ,  西田, 俊司  ,  森, 彩貴  ,  北川, 拓人  ,  杉野, 敬之  ,  大久保, 泰斗  ,  久米田, 玲水  ,  井上, 拓哉  ,  菅, 磨志保

7pp.107 - 118 , 2017-03-31 , 関西大学社会安全学部
In our research, we investigated information support using SNS at the time of disaster. There is an advantage that anyone can easily get and spread information. Therefore, it is effective to provide information using SNS. In conclusion, from the distant place young people of nonprofessional that they can support by using SNS. Introducing on the case of "YA4K" of facebook group who actually carried out support activities.

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