Departmental Bulletin Paper 熊本地震における被災者支援
Support for Victims in Kumamoto Earthquake

山崎, 栄一

7pp.77 - 86 , 2017-03-31 , 関西大学社会安全学部
本研究は,学内研究資金(平成28年度関西大学教育研究緊急支援経費 課題「熊本地震災害から見た日本の災害対策の国際比較と課題の抽出」)の他に,文部科学省都市の脆弱性が引き起こす激甚災害の軽減化プロジェクト「③都市災害における災害対応能力の向上方策に関する調査・研究」,平成27年度 河中自治振興財団助成金(研究課題「行政法学の到達点の解明」)ならびにJSPS科研費25300013,25301013,26510014,26560086の助成を受けたものである.
This paper is a report on the current conditions for disaster victim support for the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred in April of 2016. Many regulations were enacted for the disaster victim support which follows disasters through changes to the Disaster Countermeasure Basic Act after the Great East Japan Earthquake. This paper examines to what extent the lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake were utilized in light of the Disaster Countermeasure Basic Act. As a result of local surveys, it was clear that support activities were implemented with an awareness of the lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake, but that on-site there was difficulty in realizing the ideal.

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