Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学生向け防災教育デジタル教材の開発 : 主体的な行動力の育成を目的として
Development of Disaster Education Digital Material for Elementary Schoolchild: Fostering an Attitude of Subjective Behavior toward Earthquakes

豊沢, 純子  ,  元吉, 忠寛  ,  竹橋, 洋毅  ,  野田, 理世  ,  宮本, 真希子  ,  土本, 純平  ,  井上, 洋  ,  眞田, 巧  ,  藤田, 大輔

7pp.49 - 59 , 2017-03-31 , 関西大学社会安全学部
This study developed the disaster education digital material for elementary schoolchildren, and examined the teaching effectiveness of this material. Eighty-five schoolchildren attended the class using this material twice, and did homework with their parents. Before and after the class, they answered the questionnaire to measure their learning effect (attitude toward subjective behavior, motivation toward disaster prevention action in cooperation with parents: both 3 items) and their evaluation of the class (3 items).The results generally indicated that their attitude of subjective behavior, and their motivation toward disaster prevention action was higher after the education, and their evaluation of class were high. These results generally showed the effectiveness of this material. In future studies, generalizability of these results should be examined.

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