Departmental Bulletin Paper 清水長孺撰『蜑煙焦餘集』について
On the Collection of Chinese Poems Tannen shoyo shu by Shimizu Nagachika

陳, 慧慧

During the Kansei reforms, many strict policies were enacted, including suppression of the business capital, the control of the publishing, as well agricultural reform. However, all of these ended with Masudaira Sadanobu's downfall. The following decades saw the continuous rise of market economy, increased levels of education, and the rise of cultural events in cities, as well as in some rural areas. Using the collection of Chinese poems Tanen shouyo shu compiled by Shimizu Nagachika (1755-1836), this paper examines how the literati lived and who interacted with them during this era. It is concluded that Shimizu had a number of contacts with aristocrats, Confucian scholars, monks and painters. These interactions have very important influence on the later Edo period.

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