Departmental Bulletin Paper 謝氷心の日本滞在期における小説『無題』について
On Xie Bingxin's Novel Untitled Written During Her Stay in Japan

陳, 穎穎

Xie Bingxin, a well-known Chinese female novelist, attempted to write a number of literary works during the winter of her stay in Japan. During her stay, Xie Bingxin was mainly engaged in activities such as working for the Chinese delegation and giving talks at the University of Tokyo. Due to these constraints on her time, Xie's creative work was not progressing very rapidly. At the same time Xie was also dealing with difficult personal issues. During this period she wrote only one novel, Untitled, which was only completed due to the encouragement of friends. From Xie's conversation with her friends it can be seen that she never had enough time for her creative work, and this is also evidenced by her low output. However it was also during this time that Xie became interested in Children's Literature. After returning to China, Xie became well known as a writer of children's literature. Xie's stay in Japan was a time of personal difficulty, however it was also the beginning of her career as a children's writer.

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