Departmental Bulletin Paper 『大地の子』から見た山崎豊子の反戦・平和意識
Yamasaki Toyoko's Anti-War Ideology and Awareness of Peace as Seen in Daichi no Ko

李, 瑞華

Daichi no Ko (Child of the Earth) is the story of an orphan in China. Through this work, Yamasaki Toyoko discusses the fate of humanity and the tragedy of war, and also describes the life of a Chinese orphan. There are many newspaper reports of orphans in China, as well as works dealing with Daichi no Ko. However there are few works that discuss the antiwar ideology and awareness of peace of Yamasaki. Therefore, through an analysis of Daichi no Ko, this paper will explore Yamasaki's antiwar ideology and awareness of peace, her reflections on suffering during the war and post-war periods, and analyzes her pursuit of peace.

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