Departmental Bulletin Paper 安藤虎雄与《译书公会报·东报汇译》
Ando Torao and The Translation Society Weekly Edition's East Newspaper Translation Collection

于, 晓琳

This paper will discuss Ando Torao, the main translator of The Translation Society Weekly Edition’s East Newspaper Translation Collection by looking at his many translations, and will analyze his many contributions to East Newspaper Translation Collection mission. With the use of translation theory and the methods of textual analysis, a comparison of a number of valuable original historical newspapers collected from Japan shall be made. The characteristics of the newspaper form, historical background of the late 19th century, as well as, the individual philosophies of Ando Torao and the newspaper's chief editor Zhang Taiyan all had an influence on the end result of these translations. These translations also provide the material for an examination of Japanese loan words, which shall also be discussed. Finally, the final part discusses the significance of a number of East Newspaper Translation Collection articles, as well as their influence on the development of the Chinese language, the spread of reforming ideologies, "western Learning" and the modernization process of China.

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