Departmental Bulletin Paper [翻訳と注解] 1923年~1940年にベネディクトとボアズの間で交わされた書簡選集及びボアズの死を悼んでの追悼記事
Correspondence between Ruth Benedict and Franz Boas between 1923 and 1940, and the Obituary for Boas by Ruth Benedict : Translation and Annotation

菊地, 敦子  ,  福井, 七子

This section of the Anthropologist at Work that we are translating includes selectedletters exchanged by Ruth Benedict and Franz Boas between 1923 and 1940. Franz Boasdied a couple of years later on December 21, 1942. In his letters to Benedict, he mentionsthe state of his health frequently and we can see in Benedict’s writing that she is veryconcerned for him. What we notice most clearly from their correspondence, however, is how much Boas relied on Benedict to attend to the daily chores of the Anthropology Department at Columbia University.

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