Departmental Bulletin Paper 內藤湖南筆下的文廷式印象及其評價
Naito Konan, Wen Tingshi, impressions, evaluation

張, 凌雲

50pp.415 - 430 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
特別寄稿 (Special contributions)
Naito Konan's understanding of Chinese history has established his ideological foundation on knowing China and the theoretical basis of evaluating Chinese reality. And his understandings of Chinese reality have become an important component of his understanding of whole China. Especially, since Naito's several times of arrivals and returns to China in 1899, he got acquaintances with many Chinese scholars and learned men. In Naito's works, these Chinese intellectuals have presented distinct characteristics, in which Wen Tingshi, the former Imperial Academy academician reader-in-waiting, was acquaintance with Naito in Shanghai in 1899 and then met with him several times in Tokyo in 1900. Naito and Mr. Wen not only exchanged opinions upon the current affairs and endowed their works to each other, but communicated on literature and shared the literary documents with each other. In the views of Naito, Wen Tingshi "is known for superior literary talent," and is "one of the best scholars in the South China area". Besides, he was also a "unprecedented genius" through "being proficient in Buddhist scriptures" and "mastering wide and abundant knowledge". Accordingly, Naito regarded him as a model of Chinese people remarked as "preferences to reading", and the scholar-bureaucrat "without realizing ambitions". This paper makes an investigation and analysis on the impressions on Wen Tingshi formed in Naito's works and the evaluation of Wen Tingshi by Naito.

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