Departmental Bulletin Paper 1075年遼宋国境画定交渉(於開封)について : 「梁頴墓誌」理解のために
On the Territorial Negotiation between the Liao Dynadsty (Khitai) and the Northern Song in Kaifeng, 1075

毛利, 英介

50pp.341 - 363 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
The epitaph of Liang Ying 梁頴, who was an official of the Liao 遼 dynasty, was discovered in Zhuozhou 涿州 city, Hebei 河北 province, China in 2010. Because Liang Ying engaged in the so-called "territorial negotiations" held by Liao dynasty and Northern Song 宋 in the 1070s, we can find a description on the negotiations in the epitaph. There is a significant difference in the circumstances of historical materials between the Liao dynasty and Northern Song, which means the discovery of this description from Liao side material is considered extremely valuable. In the epitaph, part of a letter from the emperor of Northern Song to Liao dynasty in 1075 was cited, enabling us to recognize that the author of the epitaph regarded it as important in terms of the negotiations at Kaifeng 開封, in 1075. From this reason, the negotiation was a major consideration of this article. Specifically we examined the article of bingyin 丙寅, forth month, eighth year of Xining 煕寧(1075), of Xu-Zizhitongjian-changbian 続資治通鑑長編 volume 262.

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