Departmental Bulletin Paper 永田仁助の経済倫理 : 天人未分と武士道の精神
Nagata Nisuke's Economic Ethics : the spirit of Tenjin-Mibun and Bushido

横山, 俊一郎

50pp.323 - 340 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
In this paper, I consider the approach and business of Nagata Nisuke, founder of the banking and railway industries in Osaka, in order to understand the personality of businessmen from Hakuen-Shoin. For this purpose I take up his biography, called "Banshu-Nagata-Okina-Den." As a result of this study, I find that he tried to reach the level of Tenjin-Mibun through self-cultivation. I believe that his goal was to build a fair economic society while taking up the challenges of fearlessly developing his own business. I also note that he promoted the spirit of Bushido to affluent merchants who were war profiteers.

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