Departmental Bulletin Paper 元暁の思想展開における「門・二門」の意味
The Meaning of 'a Gate and the Two Gates' in the Thought Development of Wonhyo

孫, 知慧

50pp.307 - 322 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
This paper attempts to explore setting up 'a gate (門) and the two gates (二門)' in Wonhyo's methods of logical development to find out the originality of 'Hwajaeng (和諍: reconciliation of assertions). At the outset the author explores cases of classifying the complex arguments through "a gate" in Wonhyo's works. Secondly, this paper explores the fact that Wonhyo analyzes background by dividing contradictory arguments into both aspects through setting up "the two gates," and explores which tended to derive mutual communication between contradicting aspects. Through this design, we find that Wonhyo laid his emphasis on understanding and respecting of the counterparts which might otherwise be underestimated in simply emphasizing non-dispute and silence.

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