Departmental Bulletin Paper 青木正児における中国民俗の研究 : 『北京風俗図譜』と『支那童謡集』を中心に
A Study on Aoki Masaru's Chinese Folklore Research : Focusing on Beijing Hūzoku Zuhu and Shina Dōyōsyū

辜, 承堯

50pp.245 - 269 , 2017-04-01 , 関西大学東西学術研究所
In this paper, I focus on the books Beijing Hūzoku Zuhu and Shina Dōyōsyū, which were completed by Aoki Masaru over a period of overseas study in 1925. I will confirm the fact that Aoki showed strong interest in popular literature from the time he was young, and discuss what method he used to study Chinese folklore as well as how he should be positioned in the history of Chinese folklore. In conclusion I want to say that, although he did not systematically introduce the Chinese folk song collection movement to Japanese academic circles, he did introduce a collection of children's songs, for which he should be recognized. Aoki's research method is based on the study of folklore fieldwork, and this method differs from that of his teacher, who searched for clues from a large amount of historical documents. Finally, it must be pointed out that his folklore research is largely due to his interest.

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